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Acupuncture is the oldest continuously practiced medical system in the world. Fine needles are inserted into specific anatomical points of the body that are channels for a unique system of pathways that run throughout your body. There are over 500 acupuncture points that are used in combinations
to open or unblock these pathways to create equilibrium throughout the body again. Stimulation of acupuncture points increases the production of endorphins and activates the endocrine and immune system to allow the body to heal itself in a natural way. The needles used in acupuncture are solid, hair-thin needles that rarely have strong adverse sensation when inserted. Sensation that may be experienced during treatment are tingling,
a slight dull ache, or an electrical feeling that may travel from the point of stimulation along the limbs or into the body. Others may feel no sensation at all. Everyone has different sensitivities to acupuncture needles but overall it is not an uncomfortable experience.

The needles are pre-sterilized and are for single use only and are disposed of after treatment.

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In October 2008, we found out we were pregnant after 6 months of trying. However four months later when I had my ultra sound, we found out we had a ‘blighted ovum’, basically it was an empty sac without embryo. I needed to have a D&C procedure to remove the sac as I did not have a miscarriage. After two months of waiting to recover from surgery, we started trying again for 8 months. It was a very difficult time as everyone who tries without success knows how frustrating it is. After examining all our options, we decided to turn to acupuncture as it is a least invasive and more natural way with health benefits not risks.

My husband and I went both for treatment as we didn’t know who had the ‘problem’. Rachel was wonderful in tailoring our treatments based on my reproductive cycle in order to increase our chances of getting pregnant.

After a month of weekly treatments we were very excited to report back to Rachel that I was pregnant! I continued going for weekly treatments in order to maintain the pregnancy and help ease discomfort like morning sickness.

We strongly recommend anyone who’s trying to conceive to use acupuncture as a safe and natural alternative. We have no doubt that worked for us. I am almost 7 months pregnant and our baby is due in June 2010.

Forever grateful.
Paola and Keith
Spruce Grove

- Paola & Keith

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